Massage for Pain Management

Designed for more intense focused work, massage for pain management uses feedback from the client to determine pressure levels and focus areas. This is an experience of both targeted deep pressure in specific areas and general all over long strokes with pressure, to create a deep massage feeling. Massages for pain management are offered for 60 or 90 minutes.

Massage for Anxiety, Relaxation, and Stress

Here, I use a combination of long, flowing strokes and smaller flowing circular strokes with medium pressure. I also incorporate one or two areas of deeper focus. (most people choose shoulders and upper back) The goal of this massage is relaxation. Traditional massages are offered in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is modified for comfort using pillows and positioning to give the pregnant client surrounding support and care. Long, flowing, slow and even strokes are used with medium pressure with greater attention to the back, shoulders, and feet. Prenatal massages are offered for 60 minutes.

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is massage that is adapted for the specific considerations of oncology clients, by skilled and specially trained oncology massage therapists. These adaptations provide both relief and safety. I use a person’s cancer history and current treatment information to develop a care plan that provides comforting touch and relief from: pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. This care plan can be shared to physicians and nurses in your care circle, who can then be informed and have input into the plan. The goals of the massage therapy treatment and outcomes are outlined in the plan as well as the massage therapy modifications that are being made. Oncology massage therapy is a valued complementary therapy offered in hundreds of hospitals and cancer centers across the country, including Boston Medical Center, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. For a growing list of hospitals, as well as a map of trained practitioners, please visit Society For Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage Therapy Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation over the phone, prior to the first massage session. Here, you can get your questions answered about oncology massage therapy. We talk about what to expect from a first session, and how massage therapy might help you depending on whether you are currently in treatment or post-treatment. If you decide you would like to schedule a massage, I use this time to develop an individualized massage therapy care plan. This is a brief phone consultation and is required prior to the first massage treatment. We discuss information from your health history form that you are free to download below and fill out in advance.

To schedule a massage or consultation, please call 603-393-7245. Please note that oncology massage services can not be given prior to an initial consultation.

Oncology Massage Therapy Presentation

I offer an oncology massage therapy PowerPoint presentation that is free to your group or organization in Meredith, New Hampshire. It is about 20 minutes long and explains what oncology massage therapy is and how to find a trained oncology massage therapist. Please contact me at 603-393-7245 for more information.

Oncology Massage Therapy

Designed for the client with a history of cancer or in current treatment, the aim of oncology massage therapy is to reduce stress, help with sleep, and ease side effects and cancer symptoms. The massage is slow, with long, flowing strokes, shorter strokes, and an even rhythm. I might modify using pillows and positioning to give my client surrounding support. Each session I check in about treatment and effects, and might modify pressure or movement to give the best care possible. Post cancer treatment, I might use fewer modifications and more traditional massage, described below. Oncology massage therapy can be a single session or a series of sessions. Sessions are typically 60 to 90 minutes.